Inspiration I got out of Sara Berman’s Closet

By Natalie Donaldson SAM TAC 2023-24 No one is quite sure what drove Sara Berman to suddenly switch to wearing only white one Friday, all we can do is wonder. Sara Berman  lived in Tel Aviv before she divorced her husband and moved across the world to live in a studio apartment in New York City. Read More »

Color Origins From The “28 Colors” Display

By Marley BeanSAM TAC 2023-24 In the words of Sarasota Art Museum: “In 28 Colors (Sarasota, FL), Leah Rosenberg surveyed our hometown on foot and chose twenty-eight colors to represent specific aspects of Sarasota. The shape of the installation responds to the architecture of the building, transforming from solid stripes in the Lobby that then Read More »

Who Are the People in the Pink Aprons?

By Kimora LewisSAM TAC 2023-24 The Importance of VEA’s Often in museums there are what you call docents. A docent acts as a guide for visitors in museums, art galleries, and zoos. Here at the Sarasota Art Museum (SAM) we have VEA’s. What exactly is a VEA? ‘VEA’ stands for visitor experience associate, at SAM, Read More »

Adaptive Reuse in Florida

By Isa EsquivelSAM TAC 2023-24 The history of Sarasota Art Museum’s building is no secret. Left behind when Sarasota High School outgrew the space, the future was uncertain for this building. Adaptive reuse as a way to give new life to old and unused buildings is quite popular among residents of historic and influential Florida Read More »

Top 5 Bistro Items

Bistro at Sarasota Art Museum

By Ash McGuireSAM TAC 2023-24 The Bistro at Sarasota Art Museum carries a variety of delicious food to enjoy during your visit. In this post, I’ll be sharing my favorite items to get.   First, I suggest the Salmon Tartine. The variety of tartines has become a staple for Sarasota Art Museum, but the Salmon Read More »

5 Things I learned as a Teen Intern at Sarasota Art Museum

Antoinette Zwirchmayr, At the edge of the curtain, 2022, 16 mm lilm, 4 min.

By Gabrielle Mizak SAM TAC 2022-23 1. Contemporary art can be just as good as classical art Before SAM TAC, I had an overall negative viewpoint of contemporary art because I dislike the works of a few artists, such as Banksy, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst, who see art as a business to be conquered, which Read More »

Lifetime of Laughter: My Experience with the Ladd Brothers

Scrollathon at Sarasota Art Museum with Steven and William Ladd, Photo: Daniel Perales

By Scarlett-Rose Austin SAM TAC 2022-23 As of June 2021, I’ve had incredible opportunities through the Sarasota Art Museum’s Teen Arts Council incentive to work with some of the very best that Florida’s art world has to offer. People like Dr. Larry R. Thompson, president of Ringling College of Art and Design, a textile artist, Kartina Read More »

Abstract Art Misconceived as Using No Talent

Janaina Tschäpe, Gush (2014), Photo: Teresa Lojacono

By Tala Stuart SAM TAC 2022-23 Most people know that a big part of contemporary art is abstract art. It is enjoyed by many; the strange and unfamiliar distortions of reality can captivate a variety of audiences. While it has its supporters — there are also many who believe it takes no real skill. At first Read More »

Women Artists, Past and Present

Caravaggio, Boy Bitten by a Crayfish, between 1593 and 1600.

By Sophia Chursina SAM TAC 2022-23 Can you guess who was denied all political rights and legally considered their husband’s property? That’s right, women during the Renaissance. But that didn’t stop them from being iconic. Caravaggio, Boy Bitten by a Crayfish, between 1593 and 1600. Take, for example, Sofonisba Anguissola. Although her father wasn’t a painter Read More »