Color Origins From The “28 Colors” Display

By Marley Bean
SAM TAC 2023-24

In the words of Sarasota Art Museum:

In 28 Colors (Sarasota, FL), Leah Rosenberg surveyed our hometown on foot and chose twenty-eight colors to represent specific aspects of Sarasota. The shape of the installation responds to the architecture of the building, transforming from solid stripes in the Lobby that then begin to sway and segment into playful confetti in the stairwell, and ultimately fall back into a structured pattern that mimics the original brick masonry. “

Sarasota lanes (purple)

The brilliant purple in 28 colors is taken from Sarasota's own beloved bowling alley.

Unconditional surrender (navy)

As one of the most iconic statues in Sarasota, it's no surprise the color pallet made it onto the list.

Ringling Museum (peach)

Inspiring artists even from beyond the grave, the Ringling brother’s legacy is continued through this piece.

Siesta Key lifeguard station (yellow)

Often stated to be the best beach in the United States, Siesta Key was bound to bring forth inspiration in this Florida- centric display.

Sarasota Art Museum (dark red)

Making the ranks as one of the oldest buildings in Sarasota and the home of this art piece, the original brick color of this building is reflected in the dark red stripe.

James Turrell Skyspace (blue)

A triumph of technology, engineering, and aesthetics, Joseph’s Coat The Skyspace, created by internationally renowned artist James Turrell, is a gathering place for contemplation and offers a unique experience.

Sarasota High School (orange)

Home of the fighting sailors, Sarasota High’s orange colors pridefully make an appearance.

Michaelangelo’s David (black)

Depicted here as gold, the dark stone statue serves as the symbol of the city of Sarasota.

Spanish moss (Light green)

One of Florida's notable local flora, Spanish moss is truly a pleasure on the eyes.

Snooty the manatee (grey)

Snooty the manatee is a well-known statue in downtown Bradenton, beloved by locals and tourists.

“You are here” (salmon)

The salmon color is taken from the Sarasota Art Museums own color scheme.

Fountains (teal)

Without any specific fountain being referenced, the teal color is brought forth by one of the many public art pieces in Sarasota.

Palm leaves (Nature green)

Florida is not the only place in the U.S.A or world that boasts palm trees, but some would say, we do it best.

700ft (dark blue)

One of the most interesting of the colors, you will have to come to the Museum and walk 700ft to find this color.

Terracotta tile at Ca’d’zan (tan)

One of the properties owned by Ringling, the original recovered terracotta offers the tan color to the piece.

Stairs (off-grey)

The stairs are part of the original Sarasota High S school and the current home of most of the display, it only makes sense for a stripe to match them.

Poolside (aqua)

Once again, there was no specific pool referenced but Sun and Fun was our top pick for an iconic Florida pool.

Circus stripes (red)

Sarasota has always been huge in the circus world, the red stripes on our circus tarp are referenced in the red stripe.

Siesta Key sand (beige)

Once again the best beach in the U.S.A must have been required to get the best sand color in the world.

Pagoda by Victor Lundy (Light navy)

The building that was once a vibrant navy blue was recently painted white and orange but its original color lives on in the light navy stripe.

Burns Court Cinema (dark pink/purple)

A well-known location to all local filmmakers and enjoyers, Burns Court Cinema's unique color holds a special place in most Sarasotans’ hearts.

Dr. Nik’s Bikes (Faded blue)

These painted bikes are scattered around the island and denser city parts of Sarasota. While they come in many colors the artist chose was a faded blue color.

Florida orange (orange)

Our state fruit is one of our sweetest and most notable traits. You can practically taste the delicious fruit while admiring the color.

Selby Gardens (jade green)

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is a home to most of our local species and with thousands of colors to pick from its most prominent one is jade green especially after rain.

Northern mockingbird (Light brown)

A field trip to almost every child in Sarasota and at one point Elvis Presley, the gold lettering of our opera house once again shines through. Thank you, thank you very much.

Sarasota Opera House (gold)

A field trip to almost every child in Sarasota and at one point Elvis Presley, the gold lettering of our opera house once again shines through. Thank you, thank you very much.

Van Wezel (violet)

Locally referred to as the “Purple cow” there was no way this famous building wasn’t making the list.

Sunset golden hour lighting (mango)

As the sunshine state, a sunset is the perfect color to end this list on.

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