Top 5 Bistro Items

By Ash McGuire
SAM TAC 2023-24

Bistro at Sarasota Art Museum

The Bistro at Sarasota Art Museum carries a variety of delicious food to enjoy during your visit. In this post, I’ll be sharing my favorite items to get.


First, I suggest the Salmon Tartine. The variety of tartines has become a staple for Sarasota Art Museum, but the Salmon Tartine is one that really sticks out for me.


If you’re not in the mood for fish, I’d recommend the Grilled Cheese. Although a simple dish Chef Kaytlin takes seemingly basic ingredients and turns them into a fantastic meal. The grilled cheese was on the original menu and is yet to be removed for good reason.


When in need of something to drink the Bistro also has you covered. The Bistro’s lemonade consists of three ingredients yet blows most out of the water. My advice is to add lavender syrup (or other flavors if available) to your lemonade to enhance something already delicious.


On the healthier side, the Peach and Frisee salad is a new addition to the menu, but it is just as delicious as the long-lasting items. The sweet peach contrasts the Frisee fabulously, and if you’re a fan of strong flavors this is the choice for you!


Before we get to our final item, I’d like to list some honorable mentions. These are either items that didn’t quite make the cut or are exclusive to our second Sundays.


The first honorable mention goes to the PB&J Crepes. Only available on Second Sundays these crepes are one of the most delicious items on the menu. Our second honorable mention goes to the corn cookie. The corn cookie is a combination of cornbread and sugar cookie, creating the ultimate sweet and salty combo. For our last honorable mention, we have the tomato soup which on its own is great but reaches its full potential when paired with the grilled cheese.


For our final item in our top five, we have the green tomato caprese sandwich. This sandwich is my personal go-to when I’m in a rush or just in search of something to eat!

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