Inspiration I got out of Sara Berman’s Closet

By Natalie Donaldson 
SAM TAC 2023-24

No one is quite sure what drove Sara Berman to suddenly switch to wearing only white one Friday, all we can do is wonder.

Sara Berman  lived in Tel Aviv before she divorced her husband and moved across the world to live in a studio apartment in New York City. She left with only a suitcase containing a few possessions; everything else was left behind. She was starting over. Sara switched to only wearing white clothing and neutral shoes and had a very limited amount of both. She also kept a few useful items and keepsakes in her closet. Sara kept everything ironed, folded, and organized within her single closet, so she knew what she had and where it was at all times.

The inspiration I got from learning about Sara Berman’s Closet is that you should never be afraid of expressing yourself and that you control your life, not the other way around. I also learned that it’s okay to start over and reinvent yourself.

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