Diana Al-Hadid (Syrian-American, born 1981). The Long Defeat, 2017-2023.
Mixed media, 111 x 169 x 151 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Kasmin Gallery. Photo: Christopher Stach.

Impact: Contemporary Artists at the Hermitage Artist Retreat

March 10-July 7, 2024

Does art play an active role in identifying and revealing the realities of contemporary life? Conversely, how do present-day challenges in the world affect the choices that artists make in their studios? While these questions have no clear or easy answers, the exhibition Impact: Contemporary Artists at the Hermitage Artist Retreat, presented at Sarasota Art Museum, hopes to expand upon conventional ideas of art’s impact on our daily lives through the presentation of recent works made by 10 U.S.-based artists: Diana Al-Hadid, Sanford Biggers, Chitra Ganesh, Todd Gray, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Michelle Lopez, Ted Riederer, John Sims, Kukuli Velarde, and William Villalongo.

Anne Patterson (American, born 1960). Installation view of Art for Earth for Milan Fashion Week, Milan, Italy, 2020.
Satin ribbon, steel cable. Courtesy of the artist

The Truth of the Night Sky: Anne Patterson and Patrick Harlin

April 21 – September 29, 2024

Multimedia artist Anne Patterson and composer Patrick Harlin, explorer of soundscape ecologies, collaborate to create an awe-inspiring immersive installation for Sarasota Art Museum. Patterson, a synesthete who sees color and shape when hearing music, has frequently collaborated with musicians, including Harlin, to design mesmerizing environments. Patterson and Harlin met at the Hermitage Artist Retreat in 2014 and recognized in each other a similar artistic affinity for drawing inspiration from nature.