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Resources for Educators and Students K-12

What does contemporary art make you wonder? How can art enrich the student’s learning experience?

Through a series of videos and educator guides, teachers can explore art concepts and curriculum connections with their students. Based on four of the Museum’s current installations, these resources are designed as toolkits for approaching art with curiosity and participation, and to enrich students’ visual literacy.

The resources contain information about the Museum, discussion questions, activities, artist biographies, and vocabulary to explore the art of our times.
This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services Grant ARPML-250659-OMLS-22.
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Visual Arts and English Language Arts (B.E.S.T.)

Play Video about I can totally do that!

I can totally do that!

Contemporary art comes in so many forms and techniques, that we can explore making them our own way.
Play Video about Make Art, See Art, Make Art, Repeat

Make Art, See Art, Make Art, Repeat

Challenge the way you see art, by experiencing each piece from your head to your toes!
Play Video about You are at the right place!

You are at the right place!

How does a site-specific installation transform a space? You’ll see when you are at the right place!

Science and Math (B.E.S.T.)

Play Video about Visual Math. Wait...What?

Visual Math - Wait...What?

Have you thought that when you are looking at art, you are also doing math?
Play Video about What If?

What If...?

How can you combine math with art? How does that change the way we see how art is made, and how art is seen?
Play Video about The Art Lab

The Art Lab

Artists work more like scientists do. They both start with an idea or a question and explore and experiment to find that answer and to make it visible.
Play Video about Art at the Speed of Light

Art at the Speed of Light

We come to a museum to see, to observe, and to be stimulated by colors, contrasts, reflections, and refractions……to see things under a different light.

Architecture, Visual Art and Math (B.E.S.T.)

Play Video about Unfolding Architecture

Unfolding Architecture

What are the basic components of architecture at the Museum? How do they impact the space? What type of elements do you see when you walk into the building?

Play Video about Transforming Space

Transforming Space

Take a look at Sarasota Art Museum through the architectural lens. The historic 1926 High School’s transformation into a contemporary art museum was documented by photographer Barbara Banks.
Play Video about Behind the Walls

Behind the Walls

See what happens “Behind the Scenes” at the Museum! Hear from the Museum about how exhibitions are put together and displayed.

Social Studies

Play Video about Relevant


Have you ever looked at contemporary art and asked yourself: What are the artists talking about? Are they thinking what I am thinking?
Play Video

Thinking as an Artist

Think like an artist. When you see a work of art at the Museum or any other place, ask yourself why you think the artist chose this material, these colors, and this size. How would it be different if, instead of paint, they chose fabric?

In the Classroom Materials

Creation Lab

Discovery Lab

Architecture Lab