All Art is Contemporary II – Sunday

Sunday, April 23

12 pm - 3 pm

Free for all Remake Learning Day Enthusiasts

Sarasota Art Museum

Sarasota Art Museum in collaboration with Atomica Arts, CreArte Latino Cultural Center, Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center, Teen Arts Council @SAM, and local Teaching Artists invites families to learn about how to look at art, explore art elements and make art TOGETHER in a vibrant and colorful and TACTILE ART MAKING EXPERIENCE. Through engaging workshops, participants will discover current works, artists tools and their own forms of expression.

Remake Learning Days - April 23

12 pm – Mindfulness for Kids and Parents
with Maria Shaedler-Luera | Atomica Arts
This program will be in both English and Spanish

Join Drama and Mindfulness Teaching Artist Maria Schaedler-Luera from Atomica Arts and learn how looking at art using mindful techniques, inner inquiry, and creative expression can help you open up to life with all its challenges and delights. Families who attend will be given a code to download a video in English or Spanish to continue their home practice together.

1 pm – The Art of Storytelling
with CreArte Latino Cultural Center
This program will be in both English and Spanish

CreArte Latino Cultural Center will conduct a Storytelling activity based on the A Beautiful Mess exhibition at the Art Museum. Participants will choose a piece of their preference and create a story that will have a beginning, climax and resolution. This story could be told in different ways: as a written work, as a creative weaving piece, as a poem, or as an handcraft. In either case, participants will use creativity, imagination and literary skills.


2 pm – Music, Rhythm, and  Rhyming
with Karim Manning

Create rhymes based off of what participants see and feel from the art in the galleries. They will learn how to write couplets first and then combine two couplets to create a stanza about art, as well as the basics of rhythm and how to keep a beat.

2 pm – Between the Lines
with Scarlett-Rose Austin | SAM TAC

The “Between the Lines” experience encourages teens to explore their expression through words. It’s common for teens to not know how to communicate their feelings or thoughts when speaking to others or how to articulate the idea. In such a difficult past three years, it is important that teens find a way to express their fears, interests, worries and other emotions that they can’t explain in a black and white word. Contemporary Art expands just beyond the physical medium, the emotions of others can be just as evident and need to be expressed. The living artists of today have more possible ways of expression than ever before and should have the same opportunity to share their art as fine art artists.

12 – 3 pm – Open Art Studios

No Registration Necessary.


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