Installation view of Samo Davis: Happiness in ROYGBIV at Sarasota Art Museum, on view from May 29 - October 31, 2021, Photo: Ryan Gamma
Samo Davis, Happiness in ROYGBIV, 2021
Plastic, pom poms, resin, yarn, clay, recycled materials.

Courtesy of the artist.
Photo: Ryan Gamma

Samo Davis: Happiness in ROYGBIV

May 29 - March 6, 2022

Samo Davis’ (b. 1985) artistic practice involves sculpting through repetitive motion to repurpose and reinspire everyday materials.

Inspired by the relief from nature within our confined lives of 2020, Happiness in ROYGBIV reflects on the artist’s fascination with growth and the fantastical imaginings of a world outside. Natural forms in a manufactured material become organic through the imperfection of hand mixing colors and perfection of techniques. The additive process for construction uses the repetition of the ROYGBIV mnemonic to create the variety of individual colors throughout the trees form. The crown’s alien like crystal ball leaves allowed the artist to explore reflection, imperfection, and understanding of the purpose of “leaves”. Influenced by Iris Apfel’s extraordinary color palette and motto “More is more, less is a bore”, Davis’ tree consists of over 8,000 pom poms, 1000+ glass and resin balls, 10 skeins of yarn, and 35 lbs of plastic, as well as bottles and other items found throughout the artist’s home. Davis’ tree projects a renewed sense of joy and serves as a beacon of brightness within the trying times we’ve experienced in the past year.