Daniel Lind-Ramos, María de los Sustentos (2020-2021). Photo: Abby Leigh
María de los Sustentos

Photo: Abby Leigh

Daniel Lind-Ramos

April 2, 2022 - August 7, 2022

Daniel Lind-Ramos (b. 1953, Puerto Rico) creates assemblages from found and reclaimed objects, many of which the artist collected from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Through the combination of natural and manufactured materials, Lind-Ramos’ assemblages recall the experiential elements of the hurricane—wind, rain, thunder, and lightning—, as well cultural signifiers of Puerto Rico, specifically, Loíza, where the artist was born and still resides. The devastating impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017 is still visible in the physical destruction and felt in the memories and collective consciousness of the country, but Lind-Ramos’ three Marías serve as a testament to resistance and community.

For this exhibition, Lind-Ramos will present two new assemblage works created specifically for the Museum: Baño de María and María Guabancex, in addition to María de los Sustentos.

This exhibition is made possible, in part, with generous support from:

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Daniel Lind-Ramos

Daniel Lind-Ramos received his BA from the University of Puerto Rico in 1975 and his MA from New York University in 1979. He is currently a Senior Professor at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Campus. His work was most recently exhibited at The Ranch (Montauk, New York), Haus der Kunst (Munich, Germany), The Drawing Center (New York, New York), Marlborough Gallery (New York, New York), and the 2019 Whitney Museum Biennial (New York, New York). Lind-Ramos received the prestigious honor of a McArthur Fellowship in 2021, among various other awards. His works are in the permanent collection of various cultural institutions, such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, San Juan, and Pérez Art Museum Miami.