Vik Muniz's Petri Plates from 2015
Vik Muniz's Petri Plates from 2015

Vik Muniz, Petri (2015), Chiral Jam, Diffuse Salmonella, Bacteria Chirality
Limited Edition, set of 6 plates – $600
Made in France

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Featured Items

Stelton Vacuum Steel Jug by Erik Magnussen

Stelton Vacuum Jug

The EM77 vacuum jug by
Erik Magnussen was designed
and launched in 1977. Shop our home collection in store

Weaving as Metaphor

Sheila Hicks

This intriguing book examines the small woven and wrought works produced by artist Sheila Hicks over the last fifty years. With their distinctive colors, thoughtful compositions, and narratives, these miniature creations reveal the emergence and continuity of the artist’s approach to her work.

Weaving as Metaphor, book by Sheila Hicks
Wooden Dominos by Keith Harring

Wooden Dominos

Keith Harring

This set includes 28 double-sided wooden dominoes featuring Haring’s iconic and colorful artwork on one side and traditional domino dots on the opposite side. Shop our Keith Haring collection in store.

Sagamore WEBSTR Stool


Bauhaus-inspired, this object created by AMLgMATD is the perfect mix of high design and vernacular chic.

AMLGMTD's Sagamore Webstr Stool blends Florida beach chairs woven fabric into a stool for the perfect mix of Florida beach chic.
Mid Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide book by Sam Lubell

Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: East Coast USA

Sam Lubell

A curated list of more than 250 must-see destinations organized geographically from Maine to Florida, featuring Tropical Modern residences of Sarasota, Florida.

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